OT: Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Activist investor and 22 year old college math major makes riches via Reddit.


I’m thinking if his friends and family were able to front him $25 million, the $110 million is likely not changing his quality of life.


And a whole bunch of people got turned into bagholders when they bought the pump and then RC did the dump.

bag holders… yup.

In craziness like meme stocks, I always love to spectate the ones that are collateral damage…in this case Best Buy.

If you look at the 5 day chart, you can’t tell me there weren’t lots of wall street bettors mistyping BBY for BBBY!

Any time there is mass hysteria around a specific stock, there is always a board of directors at a “just close enough ticker” company left scratching their heads at what just happened.