OT: Bert's Ranking

I stumbled across a free service called Tipranks that ranks investment bloggers and “experts” on their actual success (or not) by keeping track of each of their recommendations for the year following the recommendation, and rating them based on results. In other words, an objective rating.

For those interested, here’s a link to the rating of Bert’s newsletter Ticker Targets (I subscribe, by the way, and feel it’s very worthwhile) - https://www.tipranks.com/bloggers/ticker-target-investments

Bert is ranked with 5 stars, but more important was this, and I quote:

Ranked #5 out of 6,378 Bloggers on TipRanks, and #23 out of 11,140 overall experts.

Wow! That puts Bert in the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%, the top one in a thousand) of bloggers, and in the top two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) of experts. Bert’s recommendations had an average 41.4% one-year result, and 89% were successful.



Thanks Saul.

Bert does write well and has a very long history in the tech field getting his MBA at Harvard.

But I was most interested that his greatest claim to fame (outside his being a felon at his hedge fund) was that he made his name as a short investor in technology originally.

So he comes at this now with predominant buy side advice having been a previous sell expert…quite a perspective and skillset IMO.


Tipranks is a great site for measuring/tracking the experts. While the algorithms that run the site are not perfect, whenever I see an analyst upgrade/downgrade I always check to see how that analyst has performed on tipranks to get a sense of their performance.

Several Fool.com writers have cracked their way into the top 25 too.




Wow, Thanks for posting that.
That ranking is insane!

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Years ago, a friend of mine used Mark Hulbert’s investment service rankings. Reading that got him to start a subscription to - Motley Fool.

P.S. I consider this thread very useful, OT or not. Learning about Tipranks is a very good thing.