OT: Billions of illegals from the south invading U.S!


OK, there will be billions.

They are primarily from the southern states.

Definitely invading.

Illegal. Could be a stretch. They may qualify as natural born citizens.

AlphaWolf headline rating: Mostly True.


I love cicadas. Other than the annual cicadas we only have Brood X in our area. I have a long wait before they’re singing their summer song again.

Cicadas appear most years on the East Coast of the United States — sometimes ahead of schedule — but it’s a different 17- or 13-year crew that wakes up each time. (There are also, separately, some annual cicadas that emerge every year.)

This year, though, will be a rare event. Two groups — known as “broods” — are waking up during the same season. There will likely be billions, if not trillions, of the insects. According to NPR, the last time these two broods emerged at the same time was in 1803.

There is more at the link:


I was thinking I heard them earlier today.

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