OT: Book report

Ken Follett is one of my favorite authors. One of my favorite novels is “Pillars of the Earth.”

I am almost finished with Follett’s newest novel, “Never.” Set in the near future, it’s a speculation about international politics in the nuclear age. U.S., China, Korea, terrorists, spies, oh my!

No spoilers!


It’s too reasonable and realistic to be a thriller. Maybe that makes it even scarier.




The book full of international strategies gone sort of wrong?

A deal with Iran lets us off the nuclear hooks of war in the ME. We’d be much more powerful when confronting China.

Power can stop wars from happening.

But acting out is dumb. That is not powerful. It is juvenile. We are acting out against some of the smaller international players. It is bullying. It proves nothing and it costs us. When we need them they wont help.

I enjoyed Follett’s Never. In the book and in real life there is difficulty in US-China’s relationship. China does not respond as we think they should. I believe it is because we do not understand China’s culture. Especially in regard the importance of “face”. Yes Americans understand the concept of face. They just do not understand how ingrained it is in Chinese culture.

We had the same difficulty in Afghanistan & S Vietnam or Iraq. Why were those governments were risking their continued existence so that government officials & generals could theft as much of US aid as possible. There was no common ground between those governments & the US. They were strictly out for themselves. A culture of corruption pervaded throughout those nations.

I can only imagine that China, Iraq, Afghanistan, & S Vietnam viewed the US as naive suckers.

Ahhh now you’ve done it, just ordered the paperback… Read, loved all the Pillars books, definitely a favorite author… It takes me a while, generally as I only read a few pages at night before turning out the lights… A’m about done with a mystery novel, and bought up on the recent Baldacci novel, so I was looking for another book… Timely!

One of my favorite novels is “Pillars of the Earth.”

This was one of my all-time favorites! I wrote about it somewhere here on MF when I read it, maybe a few years (or maybe decades) ago.