OT: Cloud ETF as another benchmark?

If this is irrelevant or not a great idea, please let me know…yet, given the astonishing returns of many here vs. the S&P and other traditional indices, I am wondering if it makes sense, or adds to the fun, to also benchmark returns against a cloud stock ETF? One example is WCLD, which has equal weights of 53 companies and is rebalanced twice a year. YTD it’s up 57.85% (many people here are crushing that, too). It also occurred to me that such an ETF could function as an interim investment for folks who know they want to sell “stock A” but haven’t yet decided on what to purchase next and don’t wish to put those funds in cash.


Hi Rafe,
I’m sorry, but Indexes and ETF’s are very Off Topic for the board. Please avoid posting about them. Thanks for your understanding.