"Cross my palm with a coin, ...

…And I’ll willingly show you the rest! "

I commented Wednesday that I was surprised that the grocery store I go to for vaccinations, Meijer, has the Omicron vax. For several days, the “news” had only been naming Walgreen’s and CVS as having the vax, implying no-one else had it. I commented to that effect to the girl at the Meijer pharmacy.

Thursday night, I was watching the “news”, and they breathlessly reported “BREAKING NEWS!!! Meijer has the Omicron vax”.

My comment must have gone from the girl at the local store pharmacy to management in a matter of hours, and management went “Doh! We forgot to pay for ‘news’ coverage”. A check was written, and, suddenly, Meijer was a player in the vax wars too.

Shinyland, my Shinyland, where even news coverage is rationed by ability to pay.



Steve you have absolutely zero proof that any money changed hands,only a perennially negative worldview. Sad.



The initial information likely came a the federal level where they have, on a number of occasions, mention the two as a means of placing a source near most people. News media simply take the easy way out unless someone calls their attention to it.

A good example is that I go to Costco for Black Friday sales. They are frequently cheaper for electronic items that the dedicated box stores (including having a few unadvertised equivalents of door-busters) and the lines are missing. The same is true for vaccines. When you say ?vaccine", how many people immediately think of Costco?



and the lines are missing

Not necessarily. Got my last booster at Costco and the wait was 90 minutes (but no visible line).

Not necessarily. Got my last booster at Costco and the wait was 90 minutes (but no visible line).

No visible line because people were wandering around the store? When I went in to Meijer for the appointment I had made on line the evening before, the girl said they might run late, because they are double booked. While I was filling out their form, a woman walked up to the window and announced she had a 1:45 appointment. Yup, same time as mine. But they have appointments 15 minutes apart, and the jab only takes five, so everything went on schedule.


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Probably the first two chains were faster at writing press releases. It’s not like local news digs up most of the news from scratch.

Lots of places probably have it by now

Checked the local Walgreens at 10am. Six locations in my town had appointments open.

Made my appt this morning and got boosted with Omicron enhanced Moderna at 3pm. Many appointment times open. Done all of them at Walgreens but CVS and other chains had it too.

Ready for the next surge.

Know too many people who have died from it…and at least 50 that came down with it. Some got seriously sickened for 5-7 days.

Lot of money being made by Moderna and Pfizer. Not sure about J&J.

Then again, only a small percent of people got boosted…something just over 20%. That is NOT a good sign. Only takes 15 minutes.


Ready for the next surge.

I expect a lot of religious rallies in Michigan in October. I’ll be up to full snort for both Omicron and the flu by then.

Received a letter from Meijer today, reminding me it’s time for my flu shot, and they included a partially filled out form for my convenience.