OT: Get Flu, Covid, RSV shots

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RSV now, Covid next, and Flu the following month. Three months in a row. That is Dad’s plan.

My plan is mid-October all three one at a time on a given day into one arm. When the shots are in one arm the immune system response is far more active.

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Had my flu shot last week, because it was available. Waiting on the covid shot availability.

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When I got my shingrix shots, they told me to separate them from COVID shots by at least 14 days. And I separated one of them by exactly 14 days.

Boss and I received Flu shots yesterday. Covid boosters not available yet.

Seems that, if you live in outstate Michigan, you better be able to pay. Don’t look to the Ottawa County health department to make it easier to be vaccinated.

Doesn’t seem that shiny - looks quite tarnished, actually.


Ottawa County is the home of Haworth, and Herman Miller, both office furniture makers. Their business might be hurt a bit by the “work from home” thing, so the county government will probably take that $2M in health care services they want to take away from low income people, and hand the money to those, poor, suffering, furniture industry CEOs

Remember the speech a few months ago, by the Herman Miller CEO, to workers grousing about not getting a bonus? She, essentially, told the workers to shut up and work.

…because outstate Michigan is Shiny.

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