OT: Halloween is Coming - Do you have your 1Ton Pumpkin?

Here’s a link to a post that a good friend of mine posted on his LinkedIn page. He’s a former CEO and now an Author and Historian. Of course he had to research “Great Pumpkins” after seeing this one at the Topsfield Fair in MA.

It’s a quick read for those that might be interested in growing the big one. According to his analysis (see accompanying graph) he’s predicting that it won’t be long before we see a 2-ton pumpkin!!

BTW - For us investors - he wrote an awesome book, “Innovation on Tap” which chronicles a number of innovators throughout history and modern times.

Cheers and BIG pumpkins!

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That 2560-lb pumpkin was raised maybe 10-15 miles from here. Anoka is a north/west suburb and is part of the Metro Twin Cities area.

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Now I’m stuck with an image of the Peanuts characters planning for the Great Pumpkin event


Meanwhile, the local “news” at noon today, ran teasers for a “report” at 6 stoking hysteria about the price of halloween candy.

Where would Shiny-land be without the constant flow of hype and hysteria?


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