OT: Hear me now or listen to me later

Another attempt to reduce or eliminate the dreaded tinnitus. My tinnitus is bad, and getting worse, and I hear it all my waking hours.

Due to my age, I was rejected for a trial study that tried to grow new cells in the ear.

Do I gamble thousands on this device or sit back and wait? I have an appointment with my audiologist in 5 weeks, so I’ll hold out for at least that long and see what she has to say. Even the article mentions a possible placebo effect as there have been no independent studies (a red flag if there ever was one).

I need new hearing aids (my 6 year old hearing aids were working just fine until Ms. Wolf stepped on them by accident and smashed them to pieces - long story). Anyone hear anything (pun kind of intended) about Costco hearing aids? They’re certainly a lot cheaper than those from my audiologist. I have a friend who hates them, but knowing my friend, I take that with a grain or two of salt.


My wife and I have been consider it. Heard about it last year and applied via their website. $3k was the price if I recall. New hearing aids are about as much.

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I have hearing aids from Costco and they are fine. Still weren’t cheap, a few thousand, IIRC. Had it (left ear only) for 5 years, but only use it when necessary: company, movies, theater, etc.

I bought a pair of cheapies on Amazon for a few hundred. They work finr for pure amplification, but at Thanksgiving all the young-uns told me they heard it squealing, so I assume it’s feedback, but outside the range where my too-old ears can hear anymore?

Ah, the joys of getting older.

Thanks, I saw this when I went to their web site after I read the article. Unfortunately, even if I didn’t have tinnitus, I would still need hearing aids. But I would sure love to not have tinnitus. Sometimes, it drives me crazy (OK, it’s not a drive, it’s a short walk).


Sounds good (no pun intended), I think I’ll scope them out. My hearing aids cost over $5k six years ago. They were “tuned” based on my hearing test and had fractal sound to help with tinnitus (helped a little), and 4 settings including a music one which was so impressive, it even improved the sound of my guitar play, improbable as that seems.

I asked for one setting to block out my wife’s voice, but it never worked.

Growing old ain’t for sissies.

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This may be a silly question, but since it’s a medical device, and not a surgery - is it possible to arrange to try it out for a while to see if it works for you?


Not silly at all. In fact a great idea. Thank you. I’ll write to them.

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