OT: HELP! For art's sake

Does anyone recognize this painting ad know who painted it? The artist’s signature is below

Does anyone recognize the signature of this artist?

I tried an image search on the signature. No luck - but maybe you will see something
Very long URL - sorry


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Thanks. Image search is the first thing I tried and was quite shocked that this painting appears NOWHERE on the internet on the entire planet earth. Likewise every variation of the artist’s name. Herman Tsing, Tsig, King Sherman Kins… Nothing on Wiki either. That’s why I thought I’d ask here. This is a pretty erudite crowd .

Thanks for the try.

For the record: I have been able to determine that the scene is Central Park NYC circa 1903 (or drawn to evoke that time frame) showing Hansom cab drivers in front of the General Sherman Victory statue

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The name looks like Chermanski or similar. Try search with the name and the word painter.

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Take it an art dealer. If it’s worth a few bucks, they’ll know who painted it.


Ahh yes. I see. Could be. Our operating theory of “Herman or Sherman Tsing” or something could be the problem.

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I though it might be Lernaus/Linnaeus King
or something like that.

I bet there’s a subreddit you could ask.

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An art conservator would be another resource. They might see a few more lower value paintings, and be more familiar with those artists.

As a side note, that painting looks quite yellowed. Old varnishes yellow over time, muting and changing the colors. A good conservator can remove that varnish and bring out the vibrant colors that are lurking under that varnish.


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Right click Google search

The beginning of the signature is probably Herman. The watercolor is not yellowed. Art is hard to photograph. The lamp nearby is possibly yellowing things. The silver frame is yellow in the top left-hand corner and silver elsewhere.

It is a watercolor. It was washed when it was painted. Meaning brushstrokes of water and ink across the surface.

This is somewhat common stuff.

You can go to Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Bonham’s online asking for an appraisal of your photos of this work. Odds are they say we have no comparables and we have no clients for this work. That can be said in all sorts of ways directly or indirectly. If any of the houses have a market they will let you know more. The houses are only in it when they have a market. Their appraisal service online is free.

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You got me curious, and I found this eBay listing of a lithograph of JFK, which seems to have a very similar signature.

That means the artist was alive when JFK was of some interest.



Thank the heck out of you for this! How on earth did you find it?
I’m no handwriting analyst but if I were in the jury and the prosecution showed this as exhibit “A” tying the JFK artist to the cab drivers in Central Park artist, I’d almost have to convict unless the defense could show the cops planted it.

It doesn’t answer the main question of “Who is this guy”? but this is how Columbo works.

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You are quite welcome. I found it by googling on Hermanski artist.

A little more searching makes me think it might be Heřmanský, which appears to be a Czech name. There are a number of painters and artists with that surname. But that is only a guess.