OT: Help track Covid and flu

Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital run a citizen science project called “Outbreaks Near Me.” It used to be “Flu Near Me” but they added Covid.

I have participated for about 15 years. It only takes a minute once a week to report whether you feel well or are having flu or Covid symptoms. Over 7 million people participate. The information is important because many people don’t report illness to the public health authorities unless they end up in an ER.

The current map shows:
1,573 with COVID-19 symptoms

256 with Flu symptoms

103 with Other symptoms

14,065 with No symptoms

We all benefit because they have a map showing illness reported all over the country. I can see that there is only one self-reported case of Covid but no flu on the north Olympic Peninsula but a large cluster of both in Seattle, which could be brought to our neck of the woods.

Obviously, the more people participate the more accurate the map will be. Please consider joining.




Hey @WendyBG -

One of my former colleagues works at Children’s in Boston (great hospital) responsible for their data analytics programs. I’ll have to ask him if his team is running this analysis!

OT: I can walk today thanks to the excellent care that was given to me as a child at Boston Children’s Hospital. I contribute to their appeals every chance I get.

==> Thankful