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My MF SA subscription is coming up and I’d like to renew again. Links have been posted before with discounted subscription rates, do those apply for renewals or just new accounts? Anyone have those links handy for SA?

As most here probably know, the yearly rate is $199, they’ve offered me a year for $149, but I think the multiyear subscriptions were significantly lower rates…if they work for renewals.

Thanks, and sorry for off topic post.

It looks like this link might be good for 2 years for $99.

I extended my membership by 3 years for $159 from a similar type link, in the past.


Thanks Volfan, that’s awesome, much better than $199 or $149 for just 1 year!

Where/how do you find these? I’ve never seen them when I search.

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I searched: motley fool stock advisor deals

The 9th item down was this:

“Motley Fool Stock Advisor Deal: $98 for 2 years! - Motley Fool Review
Sep 23, 2014 - Motley Fool is running a special promotion for their Stock Advisor service, offering a 2 year subscription for $98. It comes with a 30 day, money back guar.”

The link in there included this “special promotion” link:

That page included this link as a button at the bottom:


Interesting, so even though that link was from 2014, it seemed to work.


I wonder if they will just stack on 2 years to a current subscription?
Be worth hitting that up while one still can.

I wonder if they will just stack on 2 years to a current subscription?

Yes they will or at least did for me about a year ago.

I wonder if they will just stack on 2 years to a current subscription?

That’s what they just did to mine, it would have expired mid May and now I’m good till mid May of 2020.

Anyone know if there might be one of those links for a multi-year renewal for Rule Breakers? I have about a week left before the renewal. They sent an e mail for $50 off if I do it that way but interested in a multi year signup and saving a few dollars like the one for SA.





Looks like the RB team will have to put up with me for at least 3 more years.

Thank You

Ok… I’ll join the band wagon. I renewed SA with the link… THANKS MUCH! I’m looking for a discounted link for the Options Service.

Anyone know of any?


ProdigalFool17 Did you find the link for subscription discount. Checking my renewal options