OT No "N" at CNBC anymore

Apparently facts could not compete with the Fox Noise bullhorn.

The CNBC chief said that “at a time when misinformation and disinformation is rampant, ‘The News’ succeeded in providing audiences with the clearest understanding of the facts.”

“The News with Shepard Smith” had 280,000 viewers.

By contrast, Fox News’ Jesse Watters had 3.4 million viewers in the same time slot on Tuesday and MSNBC’s Joy Reid had 1.3 million, Nielsen said.

So bubblevision has more time to broadcast it’s self-interested hype and hysteria.



Wrong. His broadcast was cancelled tonight. Replaced by a documentary. The tent seemed to fold rapidly.

Maybe it’s an NBC things.


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Despite protests, TV networks are run to make money from sponsors who pay relative to number of viewers. While Murdock may not believe a word of what Fox sprews or the NY Post prints, their circuses help pay his lighting bill.