OT, or maybe not, the hype contract appears to have ended

Scrolled way, way, down my “news” feed today. For weeks I have seen tons of Cathie Wood hype “Cathie Wood buys this”. “own these Cathie Wood stocks”, on and on and on. The vast majority of it from the Fool and IBD.

No hype on the wire today, but did find this interesting bit, from IBD, one of the “Cathie Wood” hype platforms last month.


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The fool has to keep up.

This is the headline from your link:

Morningstar Calls Cathie Wood The Worst ‘Wealth Destroyer’

Technically, I think they mean she’s the best “wealth destroyer.”


Fun with English department. Would the “worst” be the most incompetent at destroying your wealth for you?

The question I was asking last month, as there were anywhere from 3 to 6 pieces of Cathie Wood hype on my feed every day, was were the Fool and IBD paying her for that “content”, or was she paying them to provide a platform for her hype?

As pieces from the Fool and IBD apparently stopped at the end of January, seems clear she was paying for platform access for her hype.


I am starting to doubt Morningstar. Maybe they are the Best wealth destroyer.



Fixed it for you:

“…the best at destroying YOUR wealth to increase theirs.”

There are MANY others who are far better at destroying other peoples’ wealth in order for them to profit.


No one here would want a median income even in California. Or perhaps particularly if you lived in California.

Think of Morningstar as a guide to median investing.

You are better off with average investing.


New month, new hype platform contracts.

Last month, the hype platforms were the Fool and IBD.

This morning, I find three pieces of Cathie Wood hype. Two on “thestreet.com”, and one on “Coinmarketcap” touting a move from gold to Bitcoin.

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