Still going?

Used to post often here.


Used to post often here.

Yes, I’m still here.

Unfortunately, this board has been rather quiet lately. A while ago, The Motley Fool (TMF) decided to close the “Foolish Community” discussion boards that were not related to investments. Unfortunately, the “this board will close soon” notice initially displayed on every discussion board. Yes, very big OOPS!!! It took a few days for the staff of TMF to sort this out, during which many of the regular contributors to this board apparently bailed. :frowning:


Thanks Norm… I miss the old days.



I miss the old days.

As do I. :frowning:

But hopefully a few folks will see a new dialog and join back in at some point.


“To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer.”

Ya, the old days where fun.
Most here had no idea how to trade but it was fun.

I finally learned from 2 younger mentorswho have $1,000’s and $10,000’s every day trading (green 99% of the time every day) for 1 hour per day, normally.
It has nothing to do with the government, the CEO’s, the news, the media or financial rip offs - like financial planners and banks.

Humans repeat, and now I make daily more $$$ profit than I will ever need.

IKan, and still continue to learn. Finally got there.

Did anyone here get U.S. stock HKD recently.

July 22 ~$22 to August 2 it topped aat $2,555!
I got it for a few days Long and then got out.

Never fall in love with a stock.


Did you know that on any given day 99% of all stocks are predictable as to where they will rise to and then turn down at?
The same for where they will drop to and then reverse.
Same for mid-way in-between the very top and very bottom of the day.

Once I learned this and was taught to not think it came togther.
No matter the price a stock is at, meaning a $3.00 stock or a $400 stock.


Where can we learn this?

I am friends with the two U.S. guys that started this onlne thing because they were bored.

Alex is 27 years old in New Jersey (in 2022 January to March 2022 he made +$1.3 million trading 1 - 3 stocks every day from 9:30 am. to 10:30 am. (the latest he trade too as there is a reason, how stocks move,…).

Bao is the big mentor who taught Alex.
Bao is approx. 37 years old and has legit day trading profits now totalling +$120,000,000 (not a mis-print) all from Day trading for 20 years, self taught.

He makes +$4,000 ever day while laughing and places orders up to an hour before as he knows where they will likely go. And if the do not goet there no loss. I sat next to him and watch him make +$5k in 30 minutes 9:30 am. to ~ 10:00 am. via orders place 45 minutes before!!.

I have posted this here once before but 99.9% of people do not really want to learn.
They do not believe in themselves no matter what they may say!

Bao taught all those guys on YouTube, IG, and many on Twitter over the past decade.
They are the most honest and kindest 2 people I have ever met. Not arrogant.
He hates the ones on the internet (most of those on the internet) that scam and lead their members. Like Warrior Trading who recently was fined by the SSC $3,000,000 for buying a stock then telling his memeber and thus making profits off his members which is illegal. He had been doing htis for years.
Warrior is now learning from us how to really know how to trade properly.


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Daily averages of profit (not every day but average over a year):
Small amount add up.

$200 / day = $50,000 / year.
$400 / day = $108,000 / year
$1,000 / day = $252,000 / year
$4,000 / day = $1,008,000 / day.


Today for example stock ILAG did $2.02 to $3.85. I made over $1,000 profit with it today while washing dishes, typing here.

More $ than many people make in a day or week at a job. So it is worth it to learn, in my opinio.
But like all things in life everyone is different, different brain, different time per day,…


In MIC, MyInvestmentClub I teach Swing Trading and Day trading, mostly Longing (when a stock goes up).
But I also do Short sometimes.
I made +$1 million doing this before MIC was started and I joined with them on their day 1 (*4 years ago).

I have no financial interest in MIC. I just learn and help others. Which is what is wanted and why it is called Club not a trading room(s). No stocks are pumped, led,… And if anyone pumps one they are immediately booted out and not allowed back in.


Thanks for the links, I will make the time to check them out. We’ll see if I understand… :wink:

Thanks again!

Be patient as we all learn at “our own paced”.

MIC has a lot, lot of info videos on YouTube.

Bao once had a guy in Europe (I forget the country) who was an Uber driver and had a family.
The young guy was barely getting by financially about 3 years ago
As I recall Bao helped him start with $500.
After 1.5 years the guy had profits over $100,000.
We love to help and see others suceed.

Motley Fool has no such interest nor skills at any of their places, Websites, blogs,…


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Yesterday between 6:30 am. and 7:30 am. EST I made ~2K profit.

Not a lot but I was going motorcycle riding that day so made some cash and then ended the stock day there. I did a couple Longs and 1 Short.

Life is good with the help of a few friends to learn from.