OT - Our Year End Conviviality Thread!

New member here but I wanted to say a Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to learning and investing alongside you in 2019.


Happy New Year to All! I very much appreciate Saul and all those who contribute to this board, in large ways and small. I find this board the single most valuable place for investment ideas. Hope I can contribute more in 2019, but I find that there is not a lot more that I can add that is not already posted on the board, so I mostly lurk and try to avoid cluttering the board with useless or redundant posts.

Just by way of introduction, I am a happy and successful professional in my 50s, have adult children (I started young), and contribute regularly to my retirement accounts, which are mostly in Saul-ish stocks. I had a good 2018–not as fantastic as Saul’s performance, but beating the markets.

Happy investing and learning to everyone!

–Kyoami (name of the fool in Kurosawa’s masterpiece, Ran)