OT: P.D.Q Bach's leading scholar, Peter Schickele, has passed

Before there was Weird Al there was P.D.Q. Bach.

RIP Peter Schickele


Terrible news. He was truly great.


Exactly yes.

david flyerboys

I was introduced to PDQ Bach through a local NPR station, WFIU. Michael Bourne, who eventually went on to host jazz shows on WBGO, had an eclectic show from 1972-1984 where he played mostly jazz, but also folk, show tunes, classical, and musical oddities. He introduced me to a lot of great music and Peter Schickele too. When I was looking to confirm the call letters of the New Jersey radio station he moved to after he left Indiana University, I was saddened to find out that he had died in 2022.

Indeed. My musical tastes were significantly influenced by PDQ Bach and Dr. Demento, all while participating in church music and high school band. Needless to say, those tastes are somewhat eclectic.


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P.D.Q. Bach takes the Fifth!

The Captain


I saw two of his concerts at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Great fun.


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