OT: Jeff Beck died

I heard him as a kid, but he was still performing until very recently. The
best I can tell he attempted to help other artists. (I never met the man so he could have been a horrible person, but from where I sit he seems pretty awesome.

I love this Les Paul tribute from 2010 featuring several rockabilly artist including the amazing Imelda May.



Jeff Beck, Guitarist With a Page in Rock History, Dies at 78

His playing with the Yardbirds and as leader of his own bands brought a sense of adventure to their groundbreaking recordings.

Jeff Beck, one of the most skilled, admired, and influential guitarists in rock history, died on Tuesday at a hospital near his home in Surrey, England. He was 78.

The cause was bacterial meningitis, Melissa Dragich, his publicist, said.

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Vaya Con Dios Jeff


I am not understanding your post.

He linked to a web site that is a bit confusing to me. Their About Us page says they make fun of the mass media through satire. That would put them in the same class as The Onion. But that page is a decade old, and they claim to be based in China - which may or may not be an attempt at satire.

He’s either been caught up in a very badly done satire site thinking he is actually posting something funny (or not realizing it’s satire), or caught up in a fake news site, or is simply trolling people. Hard to tell which.


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I believe posting for the sake of posting at some point is against our rules. Meaning we need some degree of credible posting.

Club…my respects. I see you deleted the post. Thanks.

Been listening to Jeff Beck since I was a kid. I think he was one of the Top 10 Best guitar players EVER. He was also pretty low-key - that’s what I liked most about him.



Saw him with the Yardbirds in concert in Birmingham in about 1967. Too young to really appreciate him at the time, I guess but the Yardbirds have been high on my list of favourite bands from the '60s.

This is considered Beck’s best album. The date here is 75 but it might have been 74. This album creates funk. You can hear that right off the bat. It was a sensation in its day.

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Been indulging myself today thanks to Pandora and the fridge😉

Got a load of Jeff Beck plus Yardbird CDs but Pandora is reminding me of stuff I’d forgotten about

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I listened to “Going Down” on Volume 10 today. My neighbors did too :wink:



I’ve been back and forth with reminiscences with a couple of my high school concert going buddies via FB today…challenging each other with memories we’d forgotten

Another thing…I remember being young enough to think that folk who died in their 70s’d had a good innings. Now that it’s folk from my era, it’s a bit alarming.