OT? Pictures Not For the Squeamish

He says he often arrived in a neighborhood along with emergency workers, minutes after a Russian attack.

Sometimes Dana found a spouse next to the body, crying. Other times, bodies would be on a nearly empty street, fatally struck by a small piece of shrapnel.



I saw my first death at age 6 in the ghetto in Budapest. An old couple was running down the street after curfew. Shots rang out, the old man dropped. The old woman knelt down, got up, and kept on running. I heard no more shots.

Around that time a draft horse was also killed in front of our window. People rushed out with knives go grab some meat. In the ghetto there was a discussion about whether horse flesh was kosher. It was not so I never got to try it.

The really weird thing is that at age six it all seemed so normal! That’s just how life happened.

Denny Schlesinger