OT: Pressures for a Ukraine Settlement


I don’t think Ukraine should be a political issue. We need to support their efforts.


They walked this one back already, blaming overzealous staffers. Right.

Trying to negotiate with Putin is an understandable, but rookie mistake. It assumes that on some fundamental level, the war was the result of some type of misunderstanding and fundamentally Putin wants peace just like we do. Putin and many (most?) Russians view Ukraine as an illegitimate breakaway Russian state. Putin and his propagandists have promised to de-Nazifi Ukraine and of course defeating the German Nazis was the Soviet Union’s greatest victory. Nazis* is a code word for anyone who doesn’t support Russia. And here is a chance for Putin to relieve Russia’s greatest moment by defeating the Nazis again.

There is no common ground here. This ends when Putin is out of office or Russia is defeated militarily. The only way for us to speed up the end of the war is to increase aid to Ukraine.

*The nanny filter only lets me use the plural version of this word. Hence the seeming grammatical error.


oh well I will pull this as unnecessary

The defund Ukraine is elsewhere.

I am a ‘progressive’ and I disagree strongly with the letter. With all due respect, I am not a fan of otherwise rational people turning every political issue into a stereotype.

IMO, political discourse had to be banned because political debates always become dueling stereotypes.


I agree. Supporting Ukraine with weapons is much,much cheaper for the US than sending in the US Armed Forces into Ukraine. I give the current administration credit for having a cool head, and not getting the US mired into another Iraq & Afghanistan quagmire.

( I am so ready for the 2022 elections to be over with. Cannot stand the attack ads and smears that are broadcast out. America has lost it’s mind )


I agree with @syke6 based on his accurate read of the reality of Putin’s imperialism.

Switching to Macroeconomics…
The U.S. always tries to keep a small war simmering in order to maintain the production facilities of the military-industrial complex. (So we can be ready to quickly ramp up production of weapons in case of a major conflict.)

The Ukraine war is perfect for the U.S. military-industrial complex. No American troops are at risk while the Ukrainians use up American weapons, requiring production for inventory replacement. At the same time, those brave Ukes are bleeding Russia at a very low cost compared with a U.S. war against them.

It would be a mistake on many levels to terminate support for Ukraine.


None of it is about terminating support for Ukraine.

Some want peace but the process for peace has moved on.

Some want to defund and that remains. The difference there being anti NATO.

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I totally agree and maybe should have not written that post - or expressed my thoughts without stereotyping anyone. Please accept my apologies for that.

UPDATE: I just got notified that the post has been flagged and yanked. I meant no harm by the post - seriously. Sorry folks are so PC nowadays… Sheesh.

→ going back into his cage now

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Actually I think those posts help define a center. If people define what is on the outside and edges maybe we can get back to a civilized discussion. Most of us agree but the outside edges are pulling everyone a part. Why did we give them so much power?


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Sorry it was yanked. I like to think we can tread lightly into the realm of politics now that there are fewer trolls here than before.


While the quote and my comment here is to a post by IAP, it’s really directed at society in general, not specifically at IAP or anyone else.

My comment:
I sorta think TMF is using the Chinese model - Zero Tolerance.
If a comment is even vaguely political in a way that is maybe offensive to just one person, it gets yanked, no thought, no questions, no scrutiny, no nothing. Just “gone”.
(Although the original post is “click to view the offending post”?)

There’s a lot of potential liability if a website gets targeted as “offensive”.

TMF is a Financial SOCIAL MEDIA website. As such, I suspect many of the “limitations and rules” of this new board structure are driven by “liability” concerns.
IMO, TMF has the right to protect itself.


Back in the day, [pre 2010(?)], I remember the FREQUENT caution that when venturing onto the web/internet, one MUST have a thick skin, and a “flame suit” handy.

That caution is still useful, but I don’t see anyone stating it anymore.
Now, all I see is “You have a RIGHT to be offended!, and YOU ARE A VICTIM!”.

I got a thick skin, AND a box of Amazon approved, one size-fits-all, disposable flame suits. A decade ago, the flame suits stopped selling and were dumped to the “cheap merch” shops.