Russians mentioned

I can not find the post now. I am on a laptop not my desktop.

There was some sort of mention that the Russian public has a logic for why they expect to take Ukraine. The jist of the statement being it is not really a stretch on Putin’s part or some sort of huge propaganda war in Russia.

That is not true.

All countries have simpletons of course. We are no exception we just found out.

But most people, majorities in any nation, know that simpleton responses are not born out by fact.

The Russian public is more than intelligent enough to know Russia should not be at war with Ukraine. There is no excuse. Certainly some sort of Russia owns Ukraine is not a majority opinion but wishful thinking that it would be.

Anywhere we can find evil minorities saying they are majority opinions. The damage done is horrendous.

We can also find evil minorities insisting on oppressing other minorities, again the damage done is horrendous.