OT: Test: Sorry

Sorry: just trying to figure out new boards.


I recommend posting on the new Site Help and Feedback board. You can delete your post after you write it if you like, as well.


I was specifically trying to figure out how to write to the berkshire-hathaway board.

I still do not know how to post or reply. I also have to figure out how to delete one of my posts. I hope I cannot delete posts by others.


I always viewed the old board in unthreaded mode, and usually only clicked on posters that I thought added value.

Can I not do that now?


Threaded is the only option now.

Every other message board I’m on has threaded only. The Fool has been an outlier for a very long time.

I like the new format.

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Threaded is the only option now.

Bummer. I always liked the stream-of-consciousness flow of reading boards unthreaded. Made it easy to “ignore thread” of one I didn’t care about.

BTW, I’m wondering how this new thing is going to work out when there is a thread with several hundred posts. The old board, you had to click NEXT for each post. (Or hit the period/comma to go to the next/prev post. That was handy once I discovered it.)

Now all the posts are on one page and you scroll down/up to read them. Does that mean your server sends EVERY POST when I open the page? That’s a lot of extraneous bytes to send, when a new post is added to a thread with 200+ posts. Great way to chew up (read: waste) my data allotment.


Yes, it does mean it sends every post. First, it is not that many bytes to send text compared to a high def picture, for example. It also makes scrolling through the posts much quicker.
A single laptop screen page of text might be 1000 bytes, while an image that size might be 3 million (1000 x 1000 pixels, 3 bytes each)