The new interface sucks

What a pity, the new interface sucks and I fear we lost some very valueable contributors!


It sure does suck big time. I’m too old to figure it out.


Need to add the “unthreaded” feature back


Horrible new format. Please give me back the old board.


Now that I’ve played with it for a few days I like it! :smiley: By setting up the categories and tags that I want to follow, it makes it easy to immediately see new posts all in one place. In the old boards, I’d have to open each individual board that I wanted to read. I’m still getting a little lost now and then with navigation, but am feeling so much more optimistic about it than I did in the first few days. But I do hope our favorite posters return!


Exactly! And that was a good thing. You can pick and choose what you want to read at the time.

[Edit] When I wanted to read about AMD I opened the AMD board. Now when you click “Tracked” you see every dam board you are following, Intermixed.

Ooooh, not just every dam board, every thread on every board. All intermixed.


Use categories (=non-company boards) and tags (=company boards). Then you see how many new posts for each at a glance.


Please please please bring back the old format as a “Retro” option. Is wasn’t broke, and it sure wasn’t fixed!


Yeah, that is the primary design feature of Discourse. It funnels all topics with new messages that you are tracking into a single spot. It is very different than what we had before, and doesn’t mesh with the “workflow” many of us have become accustomed to over the 20+ years.

You can make this similar to what you had before. You just need to pin your favorite boards to the sidebar. The sidebar will show the unread count of each board, and one click will take you to that board.

Once you are on a “board”, it shows all the topics, sorted by latest activity. Topics you have fully read are greyed out. Click on any topic, and you get a flat view, like the “Whole Thread” option before. Once you are done with that topic, click again on the board on the sidebar. Now you can read additional topics. Then when you are done with that board, click on another board.

This gets you to about 90% of the old system. The one major item missing is the ability to view individual posts, which will never come to Discourse. For now just ignore Tracked and Everything, as it is a different paradigm.

Here is a good guide with pictures, on how to put your favorite boards in the sidebar.


No need to use the “tracked” feature, just set up each board as its own category.

And btw, glad you found your way to these boards, Ray, you’ve always been one of my favorites.


How do I see this “sidebar”? (Reading boards on an iPhone)

There should be three horizontal bars (hamburger menu) at the top of every page. Click that to open the sidebar.


Another problem is that the message window is much narrower (about half of the old format, could move the left panel to some pop-up option and extend the width to the whole screen), each message has a bigger empty space at the bottom (could move the ‘like, … reply’ line to the top line with the poster name and remove extra empty lines), and the font size is larger. Priority should be to maximize information at one glance.

You can adjust the font size in your profile, under Preferences / Interface. A smaller font will increase the information density somewhat.


Thanks, that works! I would like to thank Motley fool for maintaining such wonderful message boards and trying to improve it. All criticism is only attempt to improve it.


I think I might be in the minority here but I really like the new format. It’s a lot easier to use. A lot.


The usual reaction to change is; I hate it!

My first reaction was; W.T.F?!!

But when you take the time to learn how to use it, you might find that it is better. Give it a little time and learn it first.



I don’t like either so far, but maybe it will grow on my as I get up to speed. Anyway, I kept checking the old site and saw no new posts. I thought the current bear market caused everyone to become despondent!


I’ve been a Fool since 1997. I may no longer be a Fool tomorrow because I could not easily figure out how go to the next post, see which posts I have already read before clicking on them, or even return to the list of posts. You let the newbies destroy the experience of decades, probably to make TMF work better on phones. It was nice while it lasted.


TMF should be shot for this stupid idea