Mohammed Deif identified as Hamas military leader

Elusive leader rarely seen in public or photographed.

“It was triggered by scenes and footage of Israel storming Al Aqsa mosque during Ramadan, beating worshippers, attacking them, dragging elderly and young men out of the mosque,” the source in Gaza said. “All this fuelled and ignited the anger.”

“A survivor of seven Israeli assassination attempts, the most recent in 2021, Deif rarely speaks and never appears in public. So when Hamas’s TV channel announced he was about to speak on Saturday, Palestinians knew something significant was afoot.”

“The source close to Hamas said the decision to prepare the attack was taken jointly by Deif, who commands Hamas’s Al Qassam Brigades, along with Yehya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, but it was clear who was the architect.”

“His wife, 7-month-old son, and 3-year-old daughter were killed by an Israeli air strike in 2014.”


Ah the claims on the mosque attack…in larger part were created. Meaning a group of Palestinians went into the mosque with fireworks and set them off. Plus the people coming out of the mosque were coming out as easy as they liked not a scratch on them yet yelling they had been attacked. (actually most of the women coming out were probably stuck for the night with the crazy woman yelling we have all been attacked. Most were ignoring her and going home)

BTW if it were true the Mosque is adjacent to the West Bank. You’d think the PLO would have the larger complaint.

It looks like the Israelis are planning a classical siege of Gaza.

If so it won’t end until someone comes to their rescue or the Pallestineans surrender. (But who can come to their rescue? Seems unlikely. Egypt?)

It will be interesting to see how long 2MM people can hold out without food or water.

Perhaps they will be willing to surrender their Hamas militants. If not it could get pretty awful without food or water.

What is your bet? A week? Ten days?

From experience with blizzards or events like Katrina, we know they will be breaking into stores for whatever supplies they can find at about day three. After that it can be dog eat dog.

Grim prospects!!

An analyst on either the BBC or Amanpour, a night or two back, said the Israelis have been developing their target list in Gaza for several years. Thing is, at the rate they are going, they are going to run out of legit, established, locations that have anything to do with Hamas. Then what? Stop the war, or just level anything that is still standing?

I assume that Hamas military arm is a guerilla group. They hide in the crowd of civilians.

We well know the risks of invading the Hamas tunnels or even block by block street warfare.

But civilians do know who they are. When they are starving will they be willing to give up the millitants? If yes, perhaps much bloodshed can be avoided.

No telling how likely this is to succeed. But its worth trying.

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Did Ulster Catholics rat on every IRA member and sympathizer?

I doubt USian, white, straight, Christian people have the vaguest idea of the mindset of the Pals, because these USians have never been ostracized, or hunted.



What Steve said gently I want to underline.

I think Hamas is evil and the situation Israelis are in is horrific, but the death and destruction about to occur as the IDF retaliates, murdering hundreds at least and thousands probably, and subjecting survivors to death camp conditions for an unknown period of time… Well, either Israel must go on from merely bombing and starving to carry out a full bore genocide, or they will have successfully created a very large “revenge at all costs” population.from one that merely both resented and were sympathetic to their Hamas mafia overlords.

Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war…

The two Israeli friends whose family’s I successfully contacted are both moblilized and on their way to war. I have no Palistinian friends in the Gaza Strip, but my West Bank friends are watching with enraged fatalistic horror while battening down for an expected spread of the violence and destruction.

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me,
so far from my cries of anguish?
My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
by night, but I find no rest.

david fb


Will people never learn to be self reliant?

The Captain


The main thing Israel can do is drop knock-knock bombs on the largest apartment towers. Then level the tower. Homeless people will leave Gaza over time. Clearing out 500k people or more is probably the goal.

I am not saying right this moment 500k people just leave. Over time more than that will leave.

This can not go on this way with Palestinians in the territories creating war. That is not a solution and that can not solve anything for them either.

Other than the Bundes the US government would have tolerated this for about five minutes. The Bundes were wandering around in the woods lost for the most part.

How? By walking into the ocean? They can’t go into Israel and it seems unlikely the Egyptians will accept them.


I am saying over time in small numbers being allowed by Israel to fly out to a country that has screened the individuals and accepted them into their countries.

This has been going on for decades now with no right of return.

It will pick up again within the next few months after the tensions are over.

But the population of Gaza continues to grow over time, because this limited outmigration in “small numbers” is not only not high enough to materially reduce population levels, but isn’t large enough to offset birth rates.

You can’t depopulate Gaza “over time in small numbers.”


Seems likely that inspired a thirst for revenge.


He was this way before hand. That was the reason for the strike. He aimed at other people and they aimed back. No one is innocent.


Ulster Catholics were never under siege. With no food and no water. That might make a difference.

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News this morning reports Egypt is offering food, fuel, and other supplies but is unwilling to accept the refugees.


The leadership on the Muslim side of things is very hypocritical. Always promoting violence and then rejecting any true help. That has historically gone on from the beginning. Lebanon early on urged uprisings but when Palestinians were repelled into Lebanon there were no citizens’ rights granted. It is all the Levant. It is all Greater Syria. The Syrians are as bad. The only one close to being reasonable with the Palestinians was Jordan. The only democracy in the Muslim ME.


Well, not really a democracy. It’s a monarchy.
A constitutional monarchy with a parliament.


You need to point out the UK is a monarchy as well.

It is a democratic monarchy in pretty good standing. It is also the Palestinian state.

But I will remind you that Palestinians is not an Arabic word. These are all Syrian tribesmen who went with Russia in the Cold War.

I’d bet if any of the Palestinians were open and honest every one of them would tell you which tribe they are from because there really is no such thing as Palestinian. It is only a claim to expand the Greater Syrian forces.


LOL. Look up “Black September”.