Random OT's and horn tooting

Hello all,
This is kind of a thank you to Saul, a review of my stock moves, and some of my own thoughts. (Take it all with lots of grains of salt.)

At one point in this collapse, I was down >35% of my investment money and over 74% from my all time highs. I had just started to follow this board a bit before that, but ANYTHING in 2021 was making money, so I hedged my bets and stayed mostly Fooldom (over)diversification and some Sauldom stocks. That did NOT survive the crash and I see that those following Sauldom philosophies have recovered faster than I have.

I’m still learning and still adjusting. A bit ago I posted that I was learning to move money around more freely and feeling better about it. My LONG TERM HOLD FOREVERS of Etsy and Shop (and others that no longer exist) were staying down too long. ((Opportunity costs)) Taking a bit out of those and putting it into stocks like Aehr and Samsara (IOT) didn’t mean I was giving up on those stocks, just that the money could recover ‘faster’ than leaving it in those positions.

I also learned that I could (gasp) reenter a stock I sold out of, because the story/market/zeitgeist had changed, didn’t mean I was going to investor hell. Trade Desk (TTD) is now back into my portfolio with money from options, sells, etc and it is already making money in my port.

From this board, and all the contributors, I have also learned to make my own decisions that are making me money. A couple I have discussed here - TOST and DUOL (Toast: Restaurant full service apps, and Duolingo: Online language learning and other learning services) and others that are def OT like RocketLab (RKLB) and Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP) - are companies I now know more about because I do not hold 25-30 different stocks.

So, with my learning how, I have also taken my portfolio back up to -15% of my original investment in just a few months. Like I am almost back to break even in UNDER A YEAR by learning how to do this like others on the board.

I am looking forward to the next few years for the port to rebuild to my past HIGHS and then I get to make retirement decisions. Thank you all.