Outer Banks being swallowed by the sea

… is FEMA still selling that taxpayer-subsidized, cut-rate flood insurance for vacation homeowners? It’s kind of like “free Obamacare” for your vacation.

Beach houses on the Outer Banks are being swallowed by the sea

Robert Coleman, the owner of the house that fell in February, had considered moving or tearing down the place. He discovered that insurance companies would pay him for the house if it was destroyed by the ocean, but not if he tore it down himself. Coleman said he got in touch with a company that would move his house 35 feet inland, at a cost of $185,000. It was too much for him to stomach. So the tide took it away.

“I got a call from the park service saying, ‘Your house just fell. Come get it cleaned up,’” Coleman said. The debris washed down the coast for miles. The total cleanup, he said, cost him $57,000.