I sometimes wonder if some have learnt anything from reading this board. The greedy want more and the frightened panic. As Saul has stated so many times, get used to it.


Quite frankly visiting this board on days like these is for me the equivalent of training my patience muscle. And I must say it gets easier and easier to get used to it even though I still hate to see so much of my profit melt away.


I know it is pretty surprising to hear an experienced and well traveled/well heeled poster say he bailed out of stocks…investing is riding it out with good stocks…markets go up and down and fluctuate so this is strange behavior which makes me think they should be in a index fund.

Lucky Dog

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Guys I’m sore for my post. I try to never clutter up this board.
I just wanted to chime in.
If we want to make money in stocks these strong red days are good experience. Hold strong because none of us can Time the market.
We have great companies and no matter what anyone says, Saul has explained in great detail how our growth stocks will be growing revenue in an exponential way.
I’m all in
I’m holding strong
And as Charlie Munger said at the bottom of the 2008 crash
They asked on a scale of 1_10 “How worried are
You about Stocks”

He said ZERO!!!