What a crazy week! What a great board!

Wow! So much happened this week that I can’t even remember it all. What a wild week. Great results with sell-offs following. What a mess but also what opportunities!

And what a great board! What great discussions! Thanks to all of you!

A couple of people said they were wondering how Saul was doing. Well I started the week at 146.7%, and I finished at 142.4%. Since 142.4 divided by 146.7 equals roughly .971, I was down 2.9% on the week. Not the end of the world at all. The three averages I measure against (S&P, Russ 2000, IJS) averaged down 2.4% on the week. My midweek low was Thursday, when I was down to 140.0%. The whole thing was a bit scary when it was happening, but in retrospect it was not too much to worry about.



Well said Saul.

I am a lurker on this board mostly because I lack the time and experience to add much of value to such an astute crowd, My week was much the same as yours down 4.7% by Thursday ending the week down 3%. I believe if I had followed more closely my loss might have been around 2.5% but I was stubborn about holding on to a losing position until later in the week.

Although I don’t feel there is often much for me to add to the board at this point in my investing journey, I can offer my gratitude for the good ideas and for the help in maintaining my sanity. As you said when the market seemed to only move up and to the left, it won’t always be like this and having gotten too used to it, it was great to have you and the members of this board to help me remember in spite of these past few weeks I am still at 175% which I wouldn’t have been able to calculate without your wonderful knowledge base or achieve without some help from this board.

So thank you to all of you who make this board what it is.



I am still at 175% …

!!! Do you tutor?

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