Got our renewals in the mail. Quite the updated look.

Let the dreaming begin!



Did you encounter any delays? Normal processing time? Any new requirements?


Took roughly a month, came by mail. We got our pictures taken at CVS, though it seems to me there must be a way to do your own. I have photo printer paper. We can point and shoot our phone too.

Pretty painless all in all. Would have been a different story had we allowed them to expire. I think we had about 2 days before expiration when we got them into the mail.

It’s been 10 years…I don’t really remember any hoops either time.



Would have been a different story had we allowed them to expire.

A passport issued in the last 15 years for someone over 16 at the time of issuance can be used to renew a passport.…


When renewing, always ask for the oversized passport (52 pages). It costs the same, weighs infinitely more and can make your life easier if you decide to travel a bunch.

(Fondly remembering when you could have an additional 48 pages taped inside these)


One thing that did surprise me wrt the passports was that we were not warned on our daily email that it was coming in the mail. They simply showed up in our box. If you are anticipating getting your passports mailed to you, don’t depend on getting prior notice that they are coming.

I also sought a memory boost regarding how different it was last time we got our passports renewed. Best we can recall, we had to go in person because we were getting them for our kids who had never gotten them before, one being under 16. I am a very fortunate person, in that DH does most of the administrative work around here. He knows I have small patience for that sort of thing and since I don’t do it to his high standards, he does it for me. Surprising how I never learn how to do it right. Then again, he prefers not to touch investing or work on the house, so we make a great team with sharing talents and labor. :slight_smile:

who has learned to keep her mouth shut to anything but compliments when it comes to his doing housework

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