Pay Goes Public

NYT Dealbook column no link but there is a news story elsewhere in the NYT.
By Emma Goldberg and Sarah Kessler

Starting Tuesday, companies with at least four workers that post a job that may be performed in New York City will be required to include salary ranges, whether they advertise jobs online, in a job fair flier or on internal bulletin board. Similar laws for job ads have been enacted in Colorado, California and Washington State. And since 2017, four other states have adopted laws requiring companies to disclose a pay range to job candidates at some point in the interview or negotiation process, according to the National Women’s Law Center. The New York State Legislature has approved a measure similar to the city’s, but Gov. Kathy Hochul has not yet signed it into law.

My comment this benefits all workers and even middle managers. This puts a major pressure on management not to cheat some workers in negotiations and to generally bid higher over time or not staff their needs.