Peace to happen between Hamas and Israel

Both sides are fighting for the same land.

Hamas has been saying Israel should not exist.

We can have peace immediately if Hamas changes to accept that Israel will exist.

Everyone wants peace. Time for Hamas to change.

Time for those who want peace to get Hamas to change.

We need Hamas to accept that Israel does exist.


When I read the title it immediately reminded me of a joke from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in. “News of The Future - 1988.” World Peace is finally achieved… when everyone stops to reload."


They won’t. Their whole schtick is to eliminate Israel–at any cost.

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Well, Jerry those who want peace need to persuade Hamas to become peaceful.


I think the Israelis are persuading Hamas to become peaceful. As in Rest In Peace.

I would prefer if the Palestinians cleaned up their own mess. Netanyahu is not helping Israel by creating the next wave of terrorists.


Within what borders?

1948 per the original mandate?
1967 after the war?
After the 1973 war?
After the 2023 Gazan war?

The west bank becomes the basis for a Palestinian state?

Complicated, isn’t it?

Not really.

Gaza would be for the Gazans. The southern desert could have a chunk given over to Gaza with longer-term peace.

The West Bank has two options. The first 20% is already self-rule. The next 20% is the mixed rule. Israel can give that to the PLO. The second part of the West Bank could be given over to Jordan.

There are ways to work this out.

There is even a chance much later on of Palestinians having capitol buildings in Jerusalem.

The issue is real peace longer term and accepting Israel is going nowhere. Recognizing Israel and stop crapping on fellow innocent Palestinian’s lives with tantrums about war with Israel. The Palestinians are not getting all the land back. Get over it.

The PLO on the West Bank is sympathetic but over it.

Hamas will not permit peace–ever. Hence, wipe out Hamas. Their choice. Which is why they hide among a civilian population. More importantly, the civilians will not identify the Hamas fighters hiding in their midst. It is a self-selection process.

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I am not sure Hamas is hiding with civilians.

I think Hamas is in small groups in apartment buildings. Where else? Staying with wife and children waiting to fight. The IDF can go door to door or bomb the building. Door to door hundreds or thousands of IDF soldiers would die. Why do that?

I think most Palestinian civilians keep away from Hamas and their families.

Physically impossible to do. Remember: Hamas elected by Palestinians. If the Palestinians were not generally support of Hamas, they could not win elections.

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Hamas won one election, and after that it won “elections”, as Lukashenko does in Belarus.

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A good lesson for all citizens in a democracy when choosing a leader.

When someone tells you it is impossible for them to lose an election, believe them.


Yes, and also believe them when they tell you specifically that “we’ve been waging an all-out war on American democracy.” Oops, just a slip of the tongue…



He is another slip of the tongue, “I could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and no one would care”.

Extermination time

Time to get rid of the vermin

“We won’t even know our country when B**** gets done”. This is specifically why we want B****.