Peleton vs. Lululemon's Mirror

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I was starting to take a look at Peleton today but was completely distracted by an advertisement for Mirror, an alternative workout-from-home product that was recently acquired by Lululemon.

Mirror looks like a strong PTON competitor for people who are not into cycling or tread. OK, perhaps they are not direct competitors, but for people who want a connected gym from home, you are going to have bike people and non-bike people.

Here is the web site / video for Mirror. I think it’s elegant.

I also trust Lululemon as a quality brand in the space.

As for Peleton’s quest for 100 million users, will Mirror take a bite out of that share?


For the potential competitors like mirror, who focuses on body-strenghing and yoga, Peloton also released this new feature in 3 weeks ago. This concept seem rather competitive and has a synergic effect with it’s original bike mode.


The Mirror acquisition by Lululemon was covered well in this Motley Fool article.…

I don’t personally know anyone that has a Mirror at home and I am a self-proclaimed fitness gadget fanatic. I don’t plan to buy one.

If you look at the history of sports brands getting into fitness tech there are very few success stories. The article above chronicles Under Armor’s failed attempts with mobile apps. Strava basically killed that effort. But the biggest failure that I would cite as an example is the Nike Fuel Band. Once Apple launched the Apple Watch, it was game over for all of Nike’s connected fitness efforts.

Mirror costs more per month than Pelton and has less functionality. It’s hard to see how that helps it take off. Apple is the only serious challenger to PTON.


Mirror costs more per month than Pelton and has less functionality. It’s hard to see how that helps it take off. Apple is the only serious challenger to PTON.<\i>

I also don’t see the value add in Mirror. I will say that NordicTrack has a subscription fitness model similar to Peloton. They do not focus only on bike/tread, but do other exercise classes as well. Considering their equipment is less expensive, and sometimes much less expensive, than Peloton I would imagine they have a solid chance of being serious competition. I only discovered this because I was looking at non-Peloton equipment. I am not a user of either so I can’t compare the actual services. I believe the offer was a free year to the subscription, so there’s at least some bait on the hook.

Still, I would also agree Apple would likely be a serious competitor to Peloton. Even their most expensive subscription offers much more than fitness. Plus, unlike much of their model, the service is fitness equipment agnostic.


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Anecdotal, I know. However… When COVID hit, my wife and I were forced into not going to the gym anymore. We looked at PTON but the multi-month waiting list wasn’t acceptable. We looked at other bikes, but decided we wanted more than just biking. We came across the Mirror and purchased it.

My wife traditionally has had a difficult time being motivated to work out unless its in a studio but has taken to it. I was worried it’d be a bit too much like a beachbody type thing where you’re doing the same things over and over and over. The combination of the variety of types of classes as well as them being refreshed constantly is a HUUUUUGE advantage. From boxing & kickboxing to yoga, pilates, strength and more. We made the right decision for us for sure, and we haven’t even tried the live classes yet.

Anyway, as I said, anecdotal. Great product and great idea. I’m interested to see what LULU does with it!