Petty Ca$h in review


you hit it right on the head gurl.

Swing trading the divvie stocks just to see the dividends as an added bonus. However, I have a 12 portfolio of stocks with 15 stocks in each portfolio.
But currently I only own the first 3 portfolios plus a few staggers. PSA (2.0/Qtr.), AMGN, (2.13/Qtr).

Do you ware LULU’s. Owned them (the stock that is since the beginning of 2010) since my sister in-law’s swear by there products. Could have retired on just this stock alone via compounding, compound and more compounding. LULU does not issue any divvie’s.

COST: I own Costco since they did not want to hire me a door greeter or a shopping cart rustler. Had a power lunch at Olive Gardens owned by DRI yesterday and Costco was 300 yards a way. The parking lot was full to the max. Customers are buying in bulk.
People had to wait around for a parking slot. I have seen the employees schlepp 300 yards just to get to work.
3-Month Survival Food Kit | 4Patriots I bought the 3 month Survival Food Kit for my son and a set for my daughter.

PG: My daughter worked for PG for 2 years as a Bio-Medical Writer.
JNJ: She works for JNJ as a Bio-Medical Writer for the past 10 years with a Ph D degree

Start thinking about Tetter Tottering Gold and Silver stocks.

As Arindam says " Simon --any version-- works better than anything anyone offers commercially." NO SECOND GUESSING. You gotta follow the rules EXACTLY.
A set of procedures were written a few days ago on how to build the chart as shown. -


The Finance Super App | M1 Finance I bought all of the stocks. When one is removed, I remove it from the list and add when he adds a stock. is on autopilot and buys more shares with the dividends.

Treasuries bills to purchase - 4 week

Some brokers may charge a commish.



The 4-week took a huge dive at the most recent auction. Consider going a bit further out on the yield-curve, with the best bet being the 17-week.

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Quill, thanks for all the great info! I’ll put the M1 stocks in a watchlist and wait for the signal on each. I think I got in and out of CAT on the right days. Made 3.5% in 8 days, so that’s a win. I already bought LULU over a year ago, still holding it. I do believe it is very popular and a good investment.

Arindam and Quill,

I am going to get some T-bills. I guess you guys go direct? They seem to have the highest yields. I would not have to pay a fee through my broker, but the yield is slightly lower and terms start at 3 months.

Re: LULU -
when you say holding as in being a HODLer (hanging on for dear life) or are you now Swing Trading per Simon Sez III rules and either compound the profits plus the principal into the next buy signal or buy LULU in a fixed dollar amount?

So we sit back and wait and wait and wait until the next Sell signal. I believe I had said it before if you Swing Trade LULU and LMT correctly, you can retire without any hassles. However, let the divvies support you on a monthly basis.

I wish you the best,

Quill -

Yes, bought it when I was still a buy-n-holder. I am gradually phasing such stocks into my swing trading. I check LULU now every day for a sell signal. They are currently on a good roll.


Which broker are you intending to buy the T-Bills through? Also, do you intend to buy at auction or in the secondary market? Also, the 17-week is typically available only directly. Also, the 4-week was aggressively bid at the last auction.

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I was planning on Fidelity. Doesn’t that automatically make it secondary? I may end up going direct in the future. Just thought I would keep it simple the first time. The video Quill attached above said they weren’t too worried about the debt ceiling either. As long as history repeats itself, they will raise the ceiling again. I guess there could be a delay.


Fidelity will buy for you at auction with no commish. They will also sell to you from the secondary market, but with a markup.

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@LisaM in Fidelity, go to Research → Bonds and Fixed Income → Bonds → Treasury → Auction. You can order from the auction via Fidelity without a commission and hold it in your Fidelity account.


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Thanks Wendy and Arindam. I will try their auction route. I appreciate the info!