Simon Sez Teaching

@Quillnpenn I am very curious about the Simon Sez method and was wondering if you would do some real-time teaching for me and others that are interested in learning more. I am suggesting that for each day for a month, you post your moves with a chart snippet. Maybe pick one create stock like COST or V that you are trading.

This would really help me learn, thanks a ton if you do it.




Peruse through the below at your leisure. There are only two (2) simple rules. Use EMA’s. 20 over 200. Trading times are around 10 am and 3:30 pm.

The charts are SILENT, no noise, no chatter, no BS. with the blink of an eye, you will know what to do.

Going to attach 4 charts CELH, COST, V, NVDA and will point out where to buy and where to sell. Also notice there is ZERO loss.

I use Horse Racing analogy. Buy out of the gate and sell at the Finish line.

Out of the Gate = the price label plus one green bar. If there red bars after the Gate, wait until a green bar appears.

Finish LIne = Sell the first bar after the label appears. Usually below the Price Label.

Follow along with the below in’s and outs that match the two (2) simple rules.

First one is CELH that I have been Swing Trading. On average there will be 8 to 10 successful high profit trades.

12/13/23 - in at 49.13
1/16/23 - out
2/1/24 - in
3/15/24 - out
3/20/24 - in
3/26/24 - out
4/23/24 - in
then we wait for the next sell signal.

Second one is the Second set of COST - been Swing Trading the first set since about 3/4/2007.

in - 10/30/23
out - 10/16/23
*in - 11/20/23
out - 12/28/23
in - 1/5/24
out - 3/8/24
in - 3/12/24
out - 3/22/24
in - 4/4/24
out - 4/16/24
in - 4/22/24
waiting for the next sell signal.

Third one is V (visa)

in - 10/30/23
out - 12/15/23
in - 12/18/23
out - 1/25/24
in - 1/29/24
out - 2/29/24
in - 3/8/24
out - 3/22/24
in - 4/24/24
out - 4/25/24
in - 5/3/24

Waiting for the next sell signal.

Fourth one is NVDA

in - 11/01/23
out - 11/21/23
in - 12/05/23
out - 2/13/24
in - 2/22/24
ot - 3/11/24
in - 3/12/24
out - 3/26/24
in - 4/22/24

Waiting for the next sell signal.

We will be following COST and V and perhaps all of the SpDR’S Been Swing Trading all 12 since 2006. The 12th is XRT.

Nice Quarterly Divi’s.

Your next project is to learn how to Teeter Totter in preparation for the recession for POSITIVE CASH FLOW.

I wish you the best,

Ps. next project is the Chart of the Day via Trend Seeker.
!Chart of the Day: ADMA Biologics - Hitting New Highs
Since the Trend Seeker signaled a buy on 4/ 23 the stock gained 4.13%. look at the date
on the chart and see where it is today.

Potential Chart of the day’s.

And then we are going to learn how to Swing Trade Seasonality trades. Going back to the early 90’s when I was Seasonality trading.

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@Quillnpenn you posted this on another thread. So using Simon Sez, are my annotations on the chart correct?

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When using HA smooth charts, you are suppose to buy above the red line showing the green bars.
Sell as it dips below the red line. Most traders use just the red (sell) and green bars (Buy.)

Now the OHLC bars are the true price movements while the HA’s smooth bars are not.

The answer to your question, the buy signal (day 2) is correact if the next bar after the Gate, is green. If it is red you must wait and wait until next bar is green to Buy.

You lucked out, it was Green. Your next point at the upper right, is that you do NOTHING. All it is ssaying that it is a High. We must wait until II morrow.
On my charts, I check a box off that will PRE-market prices.

Question - what would you do on April 4th, 2024. ? ? And April 22, 2024.

Quill -

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I marked on SChart the buy/sell info provided by QuillPenn above:

will try V later

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re: COST :
Dlo nothing, Cost is up about 10.15 sofar today.

Question: re NET. did you read Soimon Sez iii rules before buying and selling NET. going to assume you were using IBD rules.

Now make a print of the chart and mark it up where you bought and sold. Then mark it up again different colour to where you would have bougtt and sold via Simon’s rules.

“I bought NET on 11/14 and had some adds, sold 1/26/24”
.Gigoing to guess you lost money right Out of the Gate.

On average you should have at least made profits per month 8 to 10 times. If you got hit with a minor loss, Take the hit and Compound the monies at your next buy signal. Your Risk and Money management skills have to be ajusted

Bridgewater: Going to bet you are not losing any money if you bought and sold per your chart. Excellent job, keep up the good work. See how easy it is using simple charts without all the noise and chatter.
If you guys can create a Watchlist with barchart, then at the very top uRL bar, click on Watchlist ( have 10 current lists, one being Morning Portfolio, (21 stocks) and my 12 SPDRs.)
I think there will be defualt chart, but you can change it your best and fastest chart to review in the blink of an eye for an infromed decision. Total time about 10 minutes per list. You want your charts to be as simplistic as possible. Werks for me.

I wish you guys the best, enjoy the rest of the day, see ya guys around the campus at around 3:30pm. (tea time with 2 lumps). Lumps are a square cube of sugar. :o))

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader.

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For the rest of our trading career, I would like you to maaintain the Teeter Totter pair SPXL and SPXS so long as there is a S & P stock market to help protect your ASSets.

While the recession comes and many people will get pounded. You smile and proceed with confidence you are not losing any money. Think POSITIVE CA$H FLOW Povided you follow the two (2) simple rules.

As I said before, SPXL and SPXS have been Swinging since 2006 with 50K down and off to the races. Have at least 6 pairs in you portfolio again to help protect your ASSets.

Quill -

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I think I forgot while reviewing your watchlist using Barchart, you can click on the “Flipcharts” top right area.

And you can just plow througth the charts. Remember they are Silent charts that speak Volumes in 300 nano seconds (a blink of an eye).

Quill -

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re: COSTCO :

Dlo nothing, Cost is up about 15.63 sofar today.Earned about 70K since 4/22/24. Not to shabby.

We then wait and wait for II morrow.'s next position. Let’s look for another 200 point increase like way back from November to Marach.

Quill -

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Quill why didn’t you get out on 5/1? That was a second down day. So what made you stick with it and not get head faked?


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@Quillnpenn let me back up and start with the basics before we try something new. I just signed up for a free account at Barchart, but it seems it does not give me all the options you show. Here is all I can figure out how to do.

I can’t change the Heikin-Ashi bars to be smoothed with a custom EMA. I also can’t add the OLHC bars to show the actual prices. Does that require the paid subscription? What level of subscription do you use?

Thanks, Pete


Help me with a chart your pointing at. I have access to 13 types pf charts I created. !
ain one is the standard colour OHLC bars and the second one is from Barchart with HA Smooth. Going to and another one that p;oints to 5/1/24 showing red bars.

Sofar I don’t seee anything wrong with the OHLC chart.

Quill -


I am using 3 panels

check off the Extended Hours and check off Real time boxes.

to be created from SCRATCH D !

Top panel consists of DPO (5) Detrended Price Oscillator

Apply to: fill in the box New Pane

where it says period show 5

Next section down
(area) toogle fliop to the right. Width - =0 change the colour click on the colour bar just above the fourth row from the right to the left. It should look pinkish from the palet.

The second box to the right =0 as well and samething with a coolour like greenish pistachio as a guess.

the next section down

Zero 0 in the box-------- Width - Dash - black box as a default.

click Appply

The second panel.

click on study box at the top and look for the following

DPO (5) - Detrended Price Oscillator
HASMO (EMA, 2, EMA, 2) - Heikin-Ashi Smoothed
MATRI (5) - Moving Average Triangular
TSI (25, 13, 4) -True Strength Index

DPO (5) is expained above


Heikin-Ashi Smoothed

Apply to: fill in the box Main chart Window

Smoothing1 EMA in the box Perd1 1 in the box

Smoothing2 EMA in the box Period 2 in the box

(candlestick) toogle to the right

leave the colours alone.

Moving Average Triangular

Apply to: fill in the box Main chart Windwo

Period 5 in the box

MA-tRIANGULAR (line) toggle the buttom to the right

Width - red box colour

click on Apply

True Strength Index

Apply to: fill in New Pane

Period1 fill in 25 in the box Period 2 fill in 13 in the box

Period3 fill in 4 in the box

True Strenght index
(line) toogle the button to the right Width - Green in the box

True Strength inex
Signal (line) toogle the button to the right Width - Red Box

Zero fill in 0 in the box width - dash - black box (default)

Click on APPLY box (blue)

Next check the Settings box at the top and click on it.

Symbol -
Bar Type

OHLC Bars - toggle to the right
black box select L
High/low Price Markers
check show
check off Extended Hours
check off Readltime Cboe BZH

click apply blue box


Chart Size
symbol & study Data
check off Headers
check off shwo Trackball
check off shwo Crosshair

Cross Bar

Horizontal black box short Dot
Vertical black box short Dot

Clicck APPLY


Scale Type
check off Linear

Scale Values
check off Price

Show Price Labels
check off Exact Value

Right Margin Free Space
insert 2 bars

Click APPLY blue box

Click on EVENTS

check off Dividedns earnsis

Click on the APPLY blue box

And finally

click on Appearance

Tools Panel
check off show

check off Basic Grid

Grid Color
Clor is default gray

Font Size (px)

Horizontal should be 12 in the box
Vertical shoudl be 12 in the box

click on APPLY

The pinkish line is either my buy price or my sell price as a target from the Tools box at the top.

The name of my Chart is “Simon Sez - Seeker” for my Trend Seeker that I described earlier of the stock I like to track. in relationship to the “Chart of the Day”.

Premier Membership at $199.95 + tax. per year. Barchart and Stockcharts are tax deductaable writeoffs.

I wish you thye best

Quill -

You will that the TSI xovers will match the red and green turn overs as a referecne.

Sure Quill sorry about that. I am talking about the costco chart on 4/30 and 5/1. The bars are small red, Doji’s, I am wondering if you just ignore them because of low volume or something else? How do you think about those.


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With a HA smoothie chart, we are only suppose to BUY and SELL if and when they go above or below the Green or Red line. I have other HA charts that don’t show the two red boxes in question.

The TSI at the bottom confirms the follow.

COSTCO is up today ans well COSTCO paid me very nice Divi check this morning.

My primary chart is the OHLC to make informed decisions.

With respect to the NVDA chart. I sold out on 5/7/24 and waiting for the next buy signal.

Or for some petty cash, I play the price bar (green) going up and over the 20 EMA line. Some days we win and some days we lose. Most of the time I would sell at the finish line and move on. Barchart provides some other charts such as 20 over 50 EMA’s.

I wish you the best,
Quill -

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Thanks Quill that cleared it up.



re: Very busy traders.

Another idea traders like to use is the ARC’s or smiley faces ( buy ) or frowns (sell) . Coulors may vary. Same trading rules apply. Buy " Out of the Gate, Sell at the Finish Line. "

Best chart to use is the 2 month chart.

Some traders are very busy and look and wait for the ARC’s to appear.

There is usally two (2) ARC’s shwown per page viewed. You can test them by dragging the chart back and forth.
They appear and disappear. I use the 2 month chart and leave it alone. Funny thing, most traders ignore the freebee signal.

From the HELP file at the upper right hand corner. Kruz on down to find the High/Low topic as shown…

" High/Low Price Markers: Charts are designed to indicate the high and low bars for the visible data range using a small “arc” on two bars:"

I believe the Golden rule is to BUY low and SELL high. Werks for me.

Something to ponder.

Quill -

V (visa)

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I have a better understanding now thanks Quill. It seems that with your charts you can get out and in a lot faster than IBD does. So you can capture more of the gain and less of the loss. At least that is what I surmised when putting your chart against IBD. But take that with a grain of salt because I am just a newby.


I am tetter totting this using Quill’s method, TQQQ and SQQQ in at $58.00 on 5/6/24


Just to help some people set up their charts using Quills method, I think I have it down, but of course I might not be perfect. So let’s walk through it. This is from

Now Quill says keep it simple you don’t want to have alot of crap on your chart. So here is what it looks like.

I used to have the RSI on it but I do not really use it so I removed it. It was a distraction. Of course people are always changing their charts, and quill does too, but for me this is the simplest to follow.

Now if you look at the chart it has Partp (15,2) on it. Those are the red and green dots on the chart. To get that you click on study, go down to parabolic Time/Price (sar) and set it up as 15 2. Then go to true strength index in Study also and put in 16 8 4, what that is the yellow and blue lines. When the blue is over the yellow it’s heading up, when it is going below the yellow its heading down. Ok Now you have the studies set up. Now it’s time to get settings set up. Click on Settings and follow this.

Ok now you have your chart set up according to quill. One more thing make sure Frequency is set to daily and then the box right next to it set for 2Months, Then Go to the right of the screen and click on Templates. Then click on save current setup as new template and name it Simon Sez. And save it.

That should set you up and if you have any questions just ask. Now Partp might not be needed but I like seeing the red and green dots. You definetly want the TSI because you do not sell until the blue line goes under the yellow, then buy when the blue line goes over the yellow line. Sometimes a bar will be red but the blue line will stay above, That usually happens when you have a doji and it is a head fake.