PFIE options

Are available, but seem to be very thinly traded. Also only three strik prices available (that I can see). Anyone have any luck using options on this stock?




The PFIE options must be recently available as I looked a few weeks ago and couldn’t find any options. I haven’t trade any PFIE options…just bought shares.

Options that I recently traded:

Sold to open AFOP Sep14 $15 calls and $15 puts for net credit of $1.90/sh.

Bought SYNA Jan16 $90 calls and sold SYNA Mar15 $120 puts at a 3:1 ratio for even money.

Bought UBNT Jan16 $42 calls and sold UBNT Dec14 $45 puts for credit of $0.60/sh.

Sold covered AMBA 140829 $32 calls for $0.6. Have 7.5% position in AMBA and want to reduce holding to 6%. Options expire the week before earnings.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess that would explain what seems to be a complete lack of any trades (I use IB and looked at maybe half a dozen strike/expiration combos) as well as odd pricing, the ask on 3/4 of both puts & calls is at 4.90 and many of those have no bid prices. Also seems odd that the only strike prices available are 2.5/5/7.5, would’ve thought that something like PFIE would be available in dollar increments.

As for other option trades, only five so far this month,

STO Jan 2015 AMZN 290 P for 15.64
STO Jan 2015 AFOP 15 P for 3.05
STO Mar 2015 NFLX 540 P for 21.10
Aug 2014 AMBA 25 P expired worthless, sold for 2.69
Aug 2014 WFM 40 P assigned, sold for 3.24

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I attempted to write some calls, but couldn’t find a buyer. Gave up after a day or two.

I can’t think of many other stocks which only have options available in 50% increments. Perhaps because volatility is still fairly high?