My trigger finger is itching

Saul and All;

The market is on sale again. Any specific stocks you guys are looking at? Can we talk and debate and come up with a shopping list?

Here is my two cents.

SCTY - great q1 earning and raised whole year deployed MW target and established aggressive 2015 target. The management is very confident in their plan towards the future. Stock price, though dropped tremendously, from high of 88, is still high on traditional valuation basis but it may never get really cheap unless it messes up big time.

UBNT - great growth in the past several quarters. Unique business model. Stock dropped from high of 56. The new PE after today’s sell off is way under 20. Unless you think the inventory issue indicates BIG problems in the future, it is a great buy now.

AFOP great earning, reasonable PE. May be under valued based on the last few quarter growth. But too small a company to give me confidence in its sustainability. It it looses on of its 10% customer, it would be big trouble.

SZYM Just starting its commercial production. Will have setbacks and speed bumps along the way. Those are short term issues and does not alter long term prospects. It may be a good entry point right here.

Just some thoughts.


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M, I agree that all your picks look enticing, but that AFOP is probably the least secure because of its size.


Thanks, Saul. Just got some UBNT at 31.80

I’m down about 10% YTD after >25% increases in 2012 and 2013. The percentages below include short puts (based on cost of assigned shares) and long calls (only count market price less strike price); the percentages total to 126.8% due to the as-if-assigned cost of short puts which effectively leverage my portfolio without any interest charge. This leverage amplifies my gains and losses (YTD loss is about 10%).

SYNA 11.5% (added a bunch after their last earnings release)
UBNT 7.9% (1/3 of my position added this week)
TTS 6.5%
cash 6.4% (am short puts in excess of available cash to cover)
ARNA 6.3% (speculative but Belviq beginning to gain traction)
AMBA 6.3%
MELI 6.0% (added more today)
AFOP 5.9% (1.5% due to short put $15 May140517 which expires next week)
INVN 5.6% (sold a bunch after earnings to buy CALL and SZYM)
LKREF 5.2%
BWLD 5.2%
CELG 5.0%
ELLI 4.6%
PSIX 4.5% (sold 1% last week at $85 to buy more SYNA)
SZYM 4.2% (recently bought before earnings at $10.70)
PRAA 4.1%
ITMN 3.6% (speculative biotech)
GILD 3.2%
BOFI 3.2%
CBI 3.1%
CALL 2.9% (bought last week at around $17.50)
ISRG 2.8%
CMG 2.7%
MPEL 2.3%
UA 2.0%
GLUU 1.9% (speculative; have only long calls and short puts)
CTRP 1.8%
BIP 1.1%
YONG 1.1% (have only long calls and short puts)

Clear bargains from my perspective are SYNA, UBNT, MELI. MPEL looks attractive too.


Chris;I saw you have a 2.9 position on Call and Saul spoke high on call, too. I read the Call note Saul put out a week or two ago. But I still couldn’t figure it out.

What is the attractiveness of Call? Is its magic jack subscriber base or is its App subscriber base? Do you or anyone here use their service? I want to understand why people want to use the App if they have a mobile phone. Mobile phone minutes seem to be cheap and are getting cheaper, faster. Is that international call that the app allows? I think I read from somewhere that is magic jack subscriber base is declining. I have been reading. What is the investment thesis for this one? I am trying to understand it.



CALL was introduced to this board by Mykie a few months ago. Yes, it’s magicJack with a relatively new management team that’s trying to turn the company around, largely through better marketing, packaging, etc. There are a number of posts on this board that describe it much better than I can. I bought it because the turn around is beginning to show some results and because the valuation is so beaten down. The balance sheet is very strong. The value proposition for customers and prospective customers seems solid.


Chris; I read all the posts. I will reread them when I get a chance. I just saw the price keep getting cheaper and was wondering.


I think I will add HZNP to my shopping list. I just finished reading the press release. Will read its cc. But so far I am impressed.