Photography Thread Starts Here: These extraordinary shots triumphed at the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year awards

When it comes to spectacular natural experiences, it doesn’t get much more magical than the Northern Lights. Caused by particles from the sun crashing into the earth’s atmosphere, the resulting waves of light across the night sky are totally, famously dazzling.

It makes sense, therefore, that the Northern Lights Photographer of the Year awards by travel and photography blog Capture the Atlas is one of the year’s most captivating photography competitions. The NLPYs doesn’t just capture the ‘northern’ lights but aurora in general, meaning that some shots also came from southern hemisphere locations such as New Zealand.

This year’s edition of the competition saw 25 works singled out thanks to the quality of the image, the story behind it and its overall inspiration. You can view all the winners here but, in the meantime, here are some of our favourites.


Stunning, just stunning. Truly amazing shots!


dotellcell, if you have an photos, share the here. We’ll start a Photography Thread. I saw this on my phone earlier today while at a Doctor’s appointment:

The Blue Ridge Mountains. If I had to move back to the state of Virginia, this is where I would be living. As far up a mountainside as we could possibly live.

Mark VanDyke is the photographer and here’s what I found online. Yeah, he has the eye. I’d like to work with someone such as Mark on music/video.


I recently saw some amazing photos, that I originally found in this article. Axelsen’s photo of a snowy scene is my personal favorite.

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Hope thing’s went well and you’re okay! I don’t dare to click, let’s say I have…unresolved issues with insects of all kinds.

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Wow! I just realized that the BBC archives photos all year long, similar to what the Boston Globe used to do with The Big Picture. Enjoy!

or the archived version if the OP locks up

It appears The Independent gives us a weekly look at photos as well. Good photo of Zelenskyy and Biden. It shows two men who are intensely interested in what each other say.

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Thank you! Those penguins made my day.

I want to take a moment to appreciate this.

I neglected this thread, but that’s about to change. Happy New year and see you with more photography highlights!

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Truly amazing photos. In the category of Black and white, there are some particularly beautiful ones, like Otter in icehole.

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