Piling on the emergent standard

…not that Rivian has any staying power.

Over the weekend, had a conversation with a loyal VW buyer. He is enthusiastic about the Buzz EV minivan. I noted how GM and Ford had both announced switching to the Tesla charging standard, and suggested he might wish to wait until VW got on board with the emerging standard.

These guys are making me regret I only bought 200 shares of Tesla, but, I am mindful of what they say about “pigs”.


Stellantis honchos say they are looking at jumping on the Tesla standard too.


How hard is it to simply use an adapter? Looks like you can buy one online for about $100 or less.

Someone educate me on why this is a major issue? When I travel to some countries, I must bring an adapter. How is this really any different?

It’s not hard at all. But they are a bit more than $100, usualyl between $100 and $200 for a good quality one.

We have 2 adapters, both for level 2 charging. One, an adapter from J1772 to NACS, that’s carried in our Tesla so it can charge at J1772 plugs which are plentiful (our supermarket has one, local hospital has one, Topgolf had one last week when we were there, some of the movie theaters have them, malls have them, etc. And two, an adapter from NACS to J1772, this one is carried in our Leaf so it can charge from Tesla chargers in various places, including the one in our garage.

The adapters are trivially easy to use, they take less than 5 seconds to connect between the plug at the end of the charging cord and the other end at the vehicle.

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