EV charging standard war is over

Ford and GM are now in on the NACS standard from Tesla. Now Rivian. Rumors Stellantis is going to join shortly as well. I am glad to see this. But it’s also going to delay us purchasing an EV or a PHEV. Yes, “you can get an adapter”. But I’d rather have the plug native on the car. No hurry for us fortunately. Likely means a 2025 model year car, not a 2024.

Related, test drove the Lyric. Really nice car!


I had to look the Lyriq up!

A Caddy man?

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I would be a caddy man for the Lyriq. Normally I’m a sports car guy, or at least a sporty sedan. The Lyriq is not very big however. And at my age, the nice ride is a big plus. I’m too old for the Corvette ride and ergonomics of my youth! And I won’t even hop back into a racing kart again!

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