Pixar film to +


The Pixar feature “Turning Red” will be ported to +. The above article is actually a good read on the topic. It is critical of DIS doing this essentially without warning, something that affects theaters in their financial projections/planning.

It also brings to mind a question about DIS’s reticence with domestic release of Pixar product.

The comments also bring up a couple solid points, one being that maybe DIS should P-Access the film, not just place it on the service.

One good element is that the company will still have some theatrical release internationally where there is no +.

To me, it sort of shows how Marvel/Lucasfilm are really driving the future of DIS’s theatrical business. Pixar will always be important, but it is fascinating that the Pixar films seemed to be looked at as streaming-only at the moment. (There is the family-pandemic argument, and certainly I understand avoiding theaters, I certainly am not going to one, but it just seems after “Spider-Man” there may be a market out there for the picture come March as it would have existed in theatrical; still, I think this is great synergy, and can’t wait for comment by Chapek on the next call)

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