Pixsy goes AI? It does not work

Pixsy looks for copyright infringement. The idea is to gather a database for each artist while scanning the internet for infringers. When there is a match the artist can ask Pixsy to go to a lawyer to take the case.

My guess or reasonable assumption Pixsy has added AI emails. Meaning anything they can match will be flagged for an email that seems human.

Why not a human? It would be expensive to have someone write all day long to their larger database of artists.

I looked over the linked images for possible infringement. Not even close to being my art. The problem for the machine is I changed masterpieces a lot according to the USCO but AI image searching has no idea how that works. The AI image search is matching my work up against PD work without knowing what is in the PD. The USCO does know.

We are going to be inundated with emails from all quarters that seem human and are aligned with things we signed up for very often. The crush is going to cause most people to put stuff in their spam folders. This is going to cost a lot of businesses income. Other campaigns that are done through emails will be crushed as well by the spam folder.

AI emails are suppose to get more granular on the reader level. It wont work.