AI being mostly rejected by the public

This is about images for printing on a canvas or paper.

The place I sell my prints, the staff has told me AI sales are not good. People are not that interested in AI prints. The latest thing, AI is unpopular which surprised the company.

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AI images are showing up on a number of my off-grid or DIY forums I follow and the number of people that instantly respond - “Ooo, I LOVE”, “Oh I want”, “How incredible” - just freaks me out. No one on those threads is like…oh wait, this is fake and not even possible or questions like, ‘why doesn’t AI include any double paned windows for insulation?’.
I am seriously worrying about the human race with the confluence of AI images and social media beliefs related to flat earth or birthers or any other stupid ideas.

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Now I’m curious about what types of prints Do sell.


The Captain

20 19 18 17 16 15…

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People buy photos and paintings that have been photographed to buy wall hanging art.

Kids by packages of AI art for much less money. I doubt it ever finds its way to a wall. Since it is cheaper people do not buy expensive prints.

There are things that are loved but you would not hang on your wall. Taste. Regardless of whose taste. Just odd stuff has a harder time of it.