OT Two comments by artist friends on AI

Have you used AI?
Some experience below.

Usually I keep my art life separate from my business life.
I do not use AI.
My friends in the art world often use AI.
The first comment is by a photographer and long time print salesperson. The second comment is by an English women near Manchester who moderates the forum.

Both are discussing their AI work process.

Keep in mind artists for millennium have worked to create either perfection or self expression. That is not what we have here so the aesthetics are different.

first quote

To obtain something that I truly like requires significantly more effort than simply typing in a few words and pressing some buttons. I would estimate that on any given day, it takes 50-100 attempts to find one I like.

From there, it is a matter of tweaking with PhotoShop, Tozaz, and or one of the other editors.

The thing I would caution is I have nearly 300 images uploaded here, and they are not selling.

I have displayed some of my AI artwork in local venues, but they didn’t receive much attention. Only a couple of my abstract wine pieces were sold in a wine restaurant that claims to be the largest wine seller in the area. Surprisingly, it has been one of my best-selling venues for more than 8 years of selling my traditional photographs.

I have tried nearly all of the generators, but my two favorites are Night Cafe and Microsoft Image Creator. For Night Cafe, you have to buy or earn credits, while Microsoft IC is free for now.

second quote

Not once have i managed to get an image straight out of ai that looks right. I just can’t seem to do it. So instead i take my photos and then run them through ai. I then have to put them in either Photoscape or Corel, and then play with it more. I wish i could get good images just from text, but I’m strongly suspicious of people who say they can now hahaha. Besides, I’d rather use my camera and then play… Seems less cheaty somehow, although i know people who CAN do that are like authors of the image. I’m actually quite jealous

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