Anaplan indicated down 9% despite beating Q2 estimates and raising guidance
8:21 AM ET 8/27/19 |

Second quarter revenue grew 48% to $84.5 mln vs. $77.5-78.5 mln guidance and the non-GAAP operating margin improved nearly 10 percentage points to (19.7%) vs. (26.5-25.5%) guidance.
The company guided Q3 above consensus, calling for 39% revenue growth. Management also raised FY20 revenue by almost 4% to 42% growth and raised its operating margin forecast to (20.5-19.5%) from (23.5-22.5%).
Still, the stock is indicated down 8% premarket. At least initially, it appears expectations were too high for a stock that was trading at 20x forward sales.

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Hi Millberry,

Thanks so much for contributing on our forum. However, we don’t focus on knee-jerk or short-term movements like this. In the future, I encourage you to spend time reading the release, the presentation, and listening to the earnings call especially with newly public companies.

Then post your conclusions and takeaways to share ideas and start a conversation with others. That’s how we provide true value to this wonderful board.

I posted my thoughts on Anaplan’s Q2 here:…