Please think back and remember!

Please think back and remember how scared you were, just two or three weeks ago. We even had trolls starting a thread called “SaaS sector will be destroyed.” (Can you believe it!). They always seem to show up when we are at the bottom or near it, trying to get us to sell out at the bottom.

Well, at the risk of jinxing myself, my portfolio seems to have hit bottom (or at least a temporary one), about two weeks ago (Thursday, Jan 27 to be precise). At that point I was at 67.5% of where I had started this year (down 32.5%). It would have been a lot more scary if I hadn’t lived through this story many times before.

Here we are nine trading days later and as of today’s close I was at 85.2% of where I had started (down 14.8% YTD instead of down 32.5% YTD).

Now 85.2 divided by 67.5 equals 1.262, so my portfolio rose 26.2% in those nine trading days. To put that gain in perspective, the S&P averages about 7% or 8% per year, and this was 26% in less than two weeks

As far as individual stocks currently in my portfolio, here’s how they did in those almost two weeks (arranged alphabetically):

**Amplitude rose from 33.49 to 43.88	up 31.0%**
**Cloudflare rose from 80.34 to 114.81	up 42.9%** 
**Datadog rose from 128.15 to 155.50	up 21.3%**
**Monday rose from 185.02 to 222.47	up 20.2%**
**Sentinel rose from 38.44 to 46.56	up 21.1%**
**Snow rose from 244.72 to 307.94		up 25.8%**
**Upstart rose from 90.13 to 112.29	up 24.6%**
**ZoomInfo rose from 46.31 to 55.81	up 20.5%**
**Zscaler rose from 223.08 to 280.85	up 25.9%**

**Bill rose from 156.08 to 247.48		up 58.6%** 

Every one is up at least 20%

Bill is just a little 1.5% position that I took in the past couple of days to put it on my radar, so unfortunately, its 59% rise over the two weeks didn’t do hardly anything for my portfolio. It’s up so much from the bottom because it has already announced its quarterly results, which, as you might guess, weren’t bad. :grinning:

Cloudflare is probably up more than others because it had fallen a lot more than others in the sell-off.

Aren’t you glad that you didn’t let them scare you out , and that you aren’t sitting here now wondering whether you should get back in now or whether it’s too late, whether the market will continue up or start back down again?

Let me make clear that I don’t KNOW whether that was the actual bottom or not, although it feels like it to me. I have no crystal ball. I thought we were at a bottom a month or so ago, and it kept going down. Make your own decisions.


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