Poll: How will Russia/Ukraine affect you?

If/when Russia engages in some form of aggressive military activity or territorial incursion involving Ukraine, how will you personally be affected?

  • I will freak out and fear it signals World War III.
  • My investments will be negatively affected (explain).
  • My investments will be positively affected (explain).
  • I won’t be affected because it’s a big nothing burger.
  • Russia in my pants.

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Any market dip is an entry. I voted positive. If I was playing for next week I would have said negative.

Its hard to imagine that either side wants a shooting war. Mostly the news is filled with political posturing intended to engage the people at home.

We hope eventually they will get tired of posturing and sit down to come up with the agreement requested. (Of course both sides must be able to call the agreement a win–to please the folks at home.)

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I think Putin is totally predictable and our intelligence officers are fully informed he will invade.

I think finding “sound” logic in it does not exist.

Finding a dictator’s needs in it does.