Poll: Tracking and fingerpriting blockers

Mildly entertaining.

My tracking/fingerprinting blocker announces how many trackers are being blocked for each web site I visit.

I just did a brief survey of:
a) a popular personal finance site we all use
b) an enormous on-line store named after a river
c) a nationwide property/casualty insurer (see my last post)
d) Wikipedia
e) America’s newspaper of record, aka the Gray Lady

Blocked trackers for the above range from zero (!) to 26 (!!)

The answer (most trackers to least):

(I’ll report back particulars tomorrow before the boards go dark)

  • b, e, c, a, d
  • c, e, b, d, a
  • a, c, b, d, e
  • I have a tracker in my pants

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At the moment, the vote is tied at zero.

Of course, according to the clock on my computer you aren’t going to post the poll for another hour and three minutes.

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Correct was
Wikipedia zero
Amazon and NYT in first two places