Earlier today I was be bombarded with advertisements – like dozens on every page of the NewYork Times. Also when I finally got to an article at the NYT or the Washington Post the article opened in the Reader Format. At that point I could not get out of the Reader format except by closing Safari.

The clue was seeing the “Safari Can’t Open The Page” on at the start of the link above. Further exploration indicated it was a series of Safari settings being changed. This same issue can happen with Chrome and Firefox plus various Windows browsers.

The link above has directions for removing or deactivating ClickServe in various browsers. I got it from CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich Software) when I thought I might have wipe my MacBook and important all my files. I did recognize that merely restoring from a TimeMachine backup likely would bring the problem back - I had no idea when this infection was downloaded.

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Wow - thanks for the warning and posting.

Really surprised that some malware installed on Safari since it is so secure. The apple support site has numerous suggestions to increase your protection. This is just one suggestion but there are many more. Its a bothersome malware and there are some suggestions in the apple support site on safari settings too. HTH…doc - Apple Community

Change Security settings in Safari on Mac - Apple Support

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Physician I did find those this morning and perhaps is error, I decided they we not applicable to my issue.

#1. They are for the iOS version of Safari
#2. A world of security changes have happened in MacOS since 2020 and also the versions of Safari also have changed/added new stuff. (2020 MacOS was 13.x and 14.x. Today we are at 16.x)

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Apple just posted an update for this clickbait for iphones and MAC devices fyi…doc

Update Your Apple Devices to Patch a Critical Zero-Click Exploit (

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