Yahoo Advertising Phishing Site

Just getting this off my chest.

My email is through Yahoo. I only use the web interface to access it. I have been totally happy with both the email and the web interface. But I just found a problem.

As I look at my Inbox list of messages there is a line above the messages, a line that is very similar in appearance to actual messages. It is advertising. More such lines appear now and then if I scroll down. Not intrusive, and I have no problem with them selling some advertising. BUT, then there is THIS one.

That is not from McAffee. That smelled exactly like almost identical phishing emails that arrive all the time. I clicked on it. My security (not McAfee) stopped it, blocking it as a phishing site. So Yahoo is selling advertising space to phishers.

I wanted to report this to Yahoo. Guess what? You can report email senders easily, but if there is a way to report their own web site I was unable to find it. So I wrote up another phishing source that ended up in my Spam folder today, but in the body I pointed them to their own site. I doubt it will work.

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I kept poking around the Yahoo site. I started to look into what it takes to become an advertiser, but as usual the only way to communicate is to answer their questions. Eventually I cam across their Standard of Business Conduct document. Phishing probably violates some standard or other, wouldn’t you think? In that document I found three email addresses. So I sent an email, copying all three, with all the information about the problem. Who knows, it might even help.


FWIW, a fake McAfee phishing ad was showing when I checked my mail a moment ago.

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I’ve been putting up with McAfee spam for a couple of months in my EarthLink email account and now McAfee wants to bombard my Yahoo account. Good grief!!! Is anyone going to do anything about this?

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