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‘We don’t have enough’ lithium globally to meet EV targets, mining CEO says

The guy saids we will have enough but not by government imposed date banning of IC vehicles in 2030 or 2035.

If true it may not matter as new battery technology moves beyond lithium battery.

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In the mean time, RIO, BHP and VALE may be at bargain prices soon (are already IMHO, but will be going lower as world enters recession)





400 EV companies in China? What is the point of any of them right now?

Heavy industry in China open close open close rinse repeat. All for social control because there will be little further GDP growth. Unless China can stretch into the tech world.

Apple is moving more of its iPhone production to India - NPR

China may be the largest processor of lithium to make battery grade material but not much is mined in China. Most comes from Australia and South America. Processing is not labor intensive and can easily be done in the US–saving shipping costs.

Lithium is not rare. Mining is possible many places but environmental law makes it difficult in the US.

Recycling may well supply much of the requirement some years in the future.



You are speaking as if the world can permanently write off the world’s second largest economy and home to a quarter of its population. They absolutely have social problems exacerbated by their decision about how to handle the COVID pandemic - possibly because the challenges were less than dealing with losing millions of people to the disease if they emulated the US.

They also have significant financial challenges caused by the popping of the real estate bubble which grew out of their response to avoid the global meltdown a decade ago as well as the supply chain mess caused by their COVID shutdowns.

Xi is neither stupid nor inept. On the contrary, he has remained in power because of his skill at juggling the very complex political structure at the same time as navigating China through a series of crisis - both domestic and foreign - without actively using its military against any other country.

So, China has stopped growing at its previous pace because a number of vectors have simultaneously crossed, but don/'t make the mistake of underestimating their power - or the ability of Xi to exercise it. Expecting that China will react in the fashion that a Western country would to internal or external pressures will likely mislead you to false assumptions.



Xi is neither stupid nor inept. On the contrary, he has remained in power because of his skill at juggling the very complex political structure


I have no idea how you made that up. This is actually what happened.


The government is not legitimate if you read that. There was nothing complex or intelligent about how Xi got to or stays in power.

That aside I am not talking to Covid or supply lines etc…The water problems China is facing are a dead end for Chinese real GDP growth. The RMB peg to the USD is the real economic problem. The reason the property values were so high was the trading relationship primarily to the US but the entire western world based on that peg.

If you read on the outcomes of pegging to the USD you will discover it always ends up being a disaster for the nations that have done so. The reasons are the natural capacities of the nation’s economy are hidden away from the actual control of is own central bank for monetary policy and from any rational fiscal policy.

While you can say Xi was a complex master of fiscal policy and logistics, if we tried that in the west we would never put up with any of it. Econ does not work from a top down central command. You know that. It shows zero intelligence to plan your economy that way. It fails at the end of the day.

If you need to believe bigger man in life intelligent okay. Just does not add up that way to me.

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In the discussion on Chinese water resources I am not discussing climate change. I am not discussing storms or droughts. I am talking their actual water resources.

China is lacking water to meet the economy’s demands.

That is muddled if we look at anything else. Just strip it right down to limited water.

Did the ‘mining CEO’ ever hear of supply and demand and market clearing prices?

Obviously beyond his clairvoyance grade. LOL

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